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Powder metallurgy


Product Features

Order(MOQ) : 1 set
Payment : T/T ; L/C at sight
Product Origin : China
Shipping Port : Foshan / Guangzhou / Shenzhen
Lead Time : 30-60 days

Classification:Metal Powders

Keywords: tantalum powder, tungsten powder


Product details


First, the equipment overview

(1) ZYD-20-60 vacuum autoclave

1) Effective area size: Φ200×400 mm

2) Heating element: graphite

3) Maximum temperature: 1400°C

4) Temperature uniformity in the effective zone: ≤±5°C

5) Temperature control accuracy: ≤±1°C

6) Heating rate (when no load): ≤ 20°C/min

7) Ultimate vacuum (cold, empty furnace, full oven): 5.0×10-3Pa

8) Working vacuum: 5×10-1 Pa~1×10-2Pa

(2) HVGQ2235 horizontal vacuum high-pressure gas quenching furnace

1) Effective zone size (W×H×L): 250×250×400 mm

2) Furnace loading capacity (including tooling): ≤ 60 kg

3) Heating element: molybdenum metal screen

4) Thermal performance

Maximum temperature: 1300°C;

Working temperature range: 500~1250°C;

Temperature uniformity in the active zone: ≤±5°C

Temperature control accuracy: ≤±1°C

Heating power: 48kW

Heating rate (when unloaded; Room temperature to 1300 ° C): ≤60min

5) Vacuum performance

Ultimate vacuum (cold, empty furnace, full oven): 2.6×10-3 Pa; Working vacuum (empty furnace, full oven, 1100°C): 6.67 Pa~4×10-1 Pa; Evacuation rate (to working vacuum): ≤30 min; Pressure rise rate: ≤0.5 Pa/h

Partial voltage adjustment range: 10~1000 Pa

6) Cooling performance

Gas type: nitrogen/argon/helium; Maximum inflatable cooling pressure: 10 bar (absolute pressure 1MPa); Adjustable range of pressure: 900mbar~10bar; Electrical power of cooling fan: 90KW; Inflation time: 5~10S

(3) ZRJ-90-16W horizontal high vacuum sintering furnace

1) Dimensional load

Uniform temperature working area size: Φ350×500mm (diameter × length); Maximum load capacity of single furnace: 50Kg

2) Temperature

Heating element: high temperature molybdenum sheet resistance heating; Maximum furnace temperature: 1500°C; Oven temperature uniformity: ≤±5°C; Instrument temperature control accuracy: ≤±1.5 °C

3) Vacuum

Ultimate vacuum: 1.2×10-4Pa (no-load, dry, clean); Working vacuum: 1.3×10-3Pa (constant temperature section); Pressure rise rate: ≤0.4Pa/h

2. Technical service items

(1) Hot pressing sintering of various metal powders and their process development

(2) Bright quenching, tempering, annealing, sintering and other treatments of metal and ceramic materials and their process development

(3) High vacuum sintering of metal and ceramic powders and vacuum heat treatment of materials and their process development

III. Contact Information

Contact: Mao Xinhua Tel: 020-61086120/13631470606 E-mail:

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