Guangdong Powder Metallurgy Industry Technology Innovation Alliance

1、 The Guangdong Powder Metallurgy Industry Technology Innovation Alliance is led by the Guangdong Institute of Materials and Processing, and jointly established by Guangdong Province's powder metallurgy backbone enterprises, universities and research institutions in the field of powder metallurgy technology. It was recognized by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology in September 2017. The Alliance Establishment Conference was held in November 2017, and the Alliance was officially established. The conference elected the list of the first council and expert (technical) committee of the alliance, elected Professor Zeng Kerry from Guangdong Institute of Materials and Processing as the first chairman, elected Professor Xiao Zhiyu from South China University of Technology, Professor Qu Xuanhui from Beijing University of Science and Technology, Professor Yi Jianhong from Kunming University of Technology, and Professor Liu Yong from Central South University as the vice chairman, and appointed Professor Qu Xuanhui as the director of the expert committee.
The purpose of the alliance is voluntary equality, win-win cooperation, and innovative development. Adhere to the goal of improving the core competitiveness of enterprises, integrate industrial resources, social resources, and service resources, build an advanced industry university research innovation system, and promote the healthy and rapid development of industries.
Alliance tasks: government consultation, standard formulation, project collaboration, technology research, industry promotion, innovation platform, communication and cooperation, and intellectual property protection.

2、 The alliance establishes the principles of enterprise as the main body, combining industry, academia, and research, complementing advantages, sharing obligations, and sharing achievements, and constructs an effective mechanism for product marketization, diversified industrial investment and financing, and promoting achievement transformation, promoting technological progress and development of the powder metallurgy industry. The alliance aims to address the technological needs of enterprises and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. It regularly conducts technical exchange activities, assists in establishing industry university research workstations, organizes experts to conduct in-depth visits and research in enterprises, promotes the integration of scientific research achievements between universities, research institutes, and enterprises, solves technical problems encountered in enterprise production and operation, and better promotes the development and growth of enterprises.

3、 Since the establishment of the alliance, we have continuously visited and researched member units of the alliance, and strengthened cooperation and exchange among member units of the alliance; Actively recruit new members and expand the strength of the alliance; Enrich publicity methods to improve service effectiveness; Organize academic exchanges and cooperation; Organizing member units of the alliance to apply for science and technology projects from various levels of government departments; With the care and support of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology and relevant leaders, and the joint efforts of member units of the alliance, the alliance has formed a certain level of popularity and influence in the field of powder metallurgy in Guangdong Province and even in China.