Guangdong Metal Powder Material Engineering Technology Research Center

1、 Functions and roles
Focusing on the engineering application of high-quality metal powder material preparation, combined with the economic development and characteristics of powder material engineering technology in Guangdong Province, and relying on the technical and talent foundation of Guangdong Institute of Materials and Processing, the Guangdong Metal Powder Material Engineering Technology Research Center is established. The center is positioned to carry out engineering research in powder preparation and modification, powder forming and solidification, etc., to achieve high-performance material synthesis and component manufacturing based on powder as the raw material. The key areas involved in the research direction of the center comply with the requirements of the 13th Five Year Development Plan of the country and Guangdong Province, including key material fields such as cutting tool materials, marine engineering materials, nanomaterials, medical materials, as well as advanced manufacturing fields such as green manufacturing and additive manufacturing. Focusing on the urgent demand for high-performance metal powders and products in key development industries such as automobile manufacturing, electronic information, biomedical, and lighting display in Guangdong Province, we aim to address common technical issues in the development of related industries in Guangdong Province, provide technical support for the upgrading of traditional powder metallurgy industries, and assist in the high-quality development of advanced manufacturing, high-end equipment, and other fields in Guangdong Province.
2、 Research field
(1) Engineering preparation techniques for metal powders (water atomization, gas atomization, radio frequency plasma spheroidization, plasma atomization, etc.);
(2) Engineering preparation technology for powder metallurgy materials and products (3D printing, powder injection molding, hot isostatic pressing, etc.);
(3) Engineering preparation technology for high-performance powder metallurgy mechanical parts;
(4) Performance testing techniques for powder and powder metallurgy materials.