Guangzhou Powder Materials and Precision Parts Manufacturing Engineering Technology Research Center

1、 Function and Role
Based on the research and industrial status of powder materials and precision parts manufacturing in Guangzhou and Guangdong provinces, we will focus on four directions: powder preparation and modification, dense and uniform green continuous forming, efficient and low consumption consolidation and post-treatment, powder and material performance testing and evaluation standards, and carry out engineering technology research and development, infrastructure and equipment construction, talent team construction, self-development capacity construction, and open service construction, Highlight professional characteristics, participate in domestic and international scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation, enhance the independent innovation ability and engineering pilot application ability of the engineering center, and build the engineering center into a research and development base that provides technical support for industry development, a talent training base, and an industrial base for promoting and applying achievements. Relying on the Engineering Technology Center, it can undertake major scientific and technological projects at the provincial, municipal, and national levels, promote the application of scientific and technological achievements, and provide technical services.
2、 Research field
(1) Powder preparation and modification
(2) Continuous forming of dense and uniform green billets
(3) Efficient and low consumption consolidation and post-treatment
(4) Powder and material performance testing and evaluation standards