National Titanium and Rare Metal Powder Metallurgy Engineering Technology Research Center

1、 Function and Role
The National Titanium and Rare Metal Powder Metallurgy Engineering Technology Research Center was officially established in 1998 with the approval of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China. Its supporting unit is Guangzhou Nonferrous Metals Research Institute; Specializing in the research and development of titanium and rare metal powder metallurgy materials and engineering technology, it is a scientific and technological achievement engineering research base that integrates research, development, design, pilot production, talent cultivation, and information services; We have over 500 professional and experienced senior and intermediate technical personnel, as well as multiple distinctive titanium and rare metal powder and powder metallurgy technologies, as well as corresponding process laboratories and engineering test production lines.
The task of the Engineering Center is to promote the maturity, matching, and engineering of research achievements in titanium and rare metal powder metallurgy, provide new technologies, materials, and products for the industry and related application fields, and promote the technological progress of China's titanium and rare metal powder metallurgy industry.
2、 Research field
(1) Preparation and Application of Titanium and Rare Metal Special Powders
(2) Preparation and Functional Application of Rare Metal Materials
(3) Short process manufacturing of components
(4) Material Surface Engineering Technology
3、 Horizontal status
At present, the number of equipment in the center is nearly 700 units/set, with a total value of nearly 100 million yuan. The building area of the research and development and pilot field reaches 15000 square meters, which is at a leading level in the industry. We have advanced large-scale process equipment such as plasma rotating electrode atomization powder production equipment, plasma spheroidization and nanosynthesis powder production equipment, plasma wire atomization powder production equipment, water gas combined atomization powder production equipment, vacuum inert gas atomization powder production equipment, hot isostatic pressing machine, laser selective melting and forming equipment, two roll horizontal reversible cold rolling machine, vacuum/atmosphere plate and strip sintering furnace, and high vacuum sintering furnace. A basic infrastructure system has been formed from powder preparation, material research and development, to product pilot production, testing and analysis. The engineering research conditions are basically in line with the adaptability of the center's research and development tasks.
The center provides testing, analytical testing, and new product trial production services for universities, research institutes, and enterprises by opening up 4 laboratories and 13 R&D and pilot production lines to the outside world. The center has always adhered to market orientation, adjusted its product structure according to market needs, and solved technical problems for customers. The key new technologies and materials developed by the center's researchers have become important technical support conditions for related enterprises to upgrade and upgrade their products, improve performance, expand the market, and achieve export earnings.
4、 Innovation achievements
Since its establishment, the Engineering Center has researched and developed a total of 12 new materials, 19 new products, 2 new devices and complete sets of equipment, and 5 new process methods. A total of 38 research and development achievements have been achieved, of which 26 have reached international or domestic leading levels, 9 achievements have been awarded at the provincial and ministerial levels, more than 100 patents have been applied for, and more than 10 standards have been formulated.
The Engineering Center is willing to fully utilize its technical resources and advantages, and wholeheartedly provide customers with high-quality technology, products, and related supporting services.