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RF plasma spheroidization


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Order(MOQ) : 1 set
Payment : T/T ; L/C at sight
Product Origin : China
Shipping Port : Foshan / Guangzhou / Shenzhen
Lead Time : 30-60 days

Classification:Metal Powders

Keywords: tantalum powder, tungsten powder


Product details



1. First, the equipment overview

The RF plasma powder system was introduced from TEKENA in Canada, model TekSphero-40, including two functional modules: micron powder spheroidization and nano powder synthesis.

The spheroidization module is to use the high temperature characteristics of the plasma to quickly heat and melt the irregularly shaped powder particles sent into the plasma, and the molten particles are rapidly solidified under the combined action of surface tension and extremely high temperature gradient to form spherical powder, suitable for the preparation of tantalum powder, tungsten powder, titanium powder, molybdenum powder, niobium powder, cast tungsten carbide powder and other rare refractory metal and compound powder materials.

The nanomodule uses the high temperature characteristics of plasma to rapidly heat and gasify the reaction raw materials to form steam, and quickly cool under the action of cooling gas to form nano powders, which can prepare nano powder materials such as pure metals, oxides, carbides and nitrides.

2. Equipment characteristics and parameters

(1) Equipment power: 40kW

(2) Equipment frequency: 1.5-4.0MHz

(3) Continuous running time: ≥8h

(4) Particle size range: 0-250μm (spheroidization module); 20-100nm (nanomodule)

(5) Atmosphere: inert, oxidation, reduction

(6) Material type:

1)Pure metal(Ag,Al,Cu,Fe,Mo,Ni,Ta,Ti等)

2) Oxides (Al2O3, NiO, SiO2, TiO2, etc.)

3) Carbide (B4C, SIC, wc, etc.)

4) Nitride (TiN, BN, Si3N4, etc.)

(7) Reaction chamber pressure: 2-15psi

(8) Powder feeder turntable speed: 0-20rpm

3. Technical service items

(1) Development of high-end rare refractory metal and compound spherical powder preparation technology

(2) Development of nano powder preparation technology

(3) Other spherical powder processing and customization services

4. Contact information

Contact: Mao Xinhua Tel: 020-61086120/13631470606 E-mail:

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