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Spherical C103 alloy powder 15-53μm


Product Features

Spherical C103 alloy powder is a special metal powder that is usually used to enhance the properties of alloy materials. C103 alloy usually refers to a copper-nickel alloy, which contains about 10% nickel and 3% cobalt. Order quantity (minimum order quantity): determined by both parties Payment method: determined by both parties Product Origin: China Shipping: determined by both parties Order delivery time: 1-7 days

Classification:Metal Powders

Keywords: tantalum powder, tungsten powder


Product details

The preparation of spherical C103 alloy powder usually involves powder metallurgy technology, by melting the metal and spraying it into tiny particles, which are then rapidly solidified into spherical powder. This powder has a consistent shape and size during the manufacturing process, which facilitates a more uniform distribution of ingredients and higher strength when preparing alloy materials. It can be used to enhance the hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of metal materials and is often used in the manufacture of aerospace parts, automotive parts and other high-performance industrial applications. ​


  • Particle size distribution of spherical C103 alloy powder

     5-25μm,15-45μm,15-53μm,45-75μm,45-105μm, 75-150μm(Various granularities can be customized according to customer requirements)


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