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Metallurgical Tantalum Powder 45-106μm


Product Features

Tantalum is a rare and important metal element. Metallurgical tantalum powder usually refers to tantalum metal particles or powder extracted and refined from tantalum ore through metallurgical processes. Order quantity (MOQ) : as determined by both parties Payment terms: as determined by both parties Product origin: China Shipment: as determined by both parties Order delivery time: 1-7 days

Classification:Metal Powders

Keywords: tantalum powder, tungsten powder


Product details

Metallurgical tantalum powder is widely used in high-tech fields such as electronics, aerospace, and medical equipment.


  • Metallurgical tantalum powder particle size distribution

     5-25μm,15-45μm,15-53μm,45-75μm,45-105μm, 75-150μm(Various granularity can be customized according to customer requirements)


  • Particle size distribution chart



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