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  • stardust spherical hafnium powder 53-150µm pic1.jpg
  • stardust spherical hafnium powder 53-150µm pic2.jpg

Spherical Refractory Hafnium Powder 45-106µm


Product Features

Spherical Refractory Hafnium Powder is made by Radio Frequency Plasma Spheroidization atomized method, which has high purity hypoxia, high sphericity, smooth surface, no satellite, uniform particle size distribution, excellent flow performance, and high loose density and vibrational density.
Order(MOQ) : 1 pc
Payment : T/T ; L/C at sight
Product Origin : China
Shipping Port : Foshan / Guangzhou / Shenzhen
Lead Time : 1-7 days

Classification:Metal Powders

Keywords: tantalum powder, tungsten powder


Product details

Stardust company provide spherical refractory hafnium powder with high purity, low oxygen, high sphericity , smooth surface, no satellite spheres,  uniform particle size distribution. As the lightest refractory metal, niobium has the characteristics of high melting point, high temperature strength and high specific strength, and no radioactivity. It's the perfect thermal protection material and structural material for aerospace engines. Spherical niobium powder is suitable for laser/electron beam additive manufacturing,  hot isostatic pressing,  laser cladding, hot/cold coating and other processes.


We can not only provide relatively mature research on spherical refractory hafnium powder but also provide 3D printing services, metal spheroidization services, 3D printing machines and devices .


  • Spherical Refractory Hafnium Powder Particle Size

5-25μm, 15-45μm, 15-53μm, 45-75μm, 45-105μm, 75-150μm.

(Various granularities can be customized according to customer requirements)



  •  Particle Size Distribution Graphic

  • Spherical Refractory Hafnium Powder Characteristics

High purity (≥99.9%), low oxygen (≤300ppm), high sphericity (≥98%), smooth surface, no satellite spheres, uniform particle size distribution, and excellent flow properties (≤15.0s/50g), And high apparent density (≥4.5g/cm³) and tap density (≥5.5g/cm³).


  • Spherical Refractory Hafnium Powder Applicable Progress
  1. Laser/electron beam additive manufacturing (SLM/EBM, 3D printing)
  2. Laser direct deposition (DLD)
  3. Powder hot isostatic pressing (HIP)
  4. Metal injection molding (MIM)
  5. Powder metallurgy (PM)
  6. Laser cladding ( LC), and other processes.


  • Spherical Refractory Hafnium Powder Packaging

Vacuum packaging, 1kg/bag, 2kg/bag; iron drum lined with plastic bag 25 kg/drum; special packaging is available according to user requirements.


  •  Chemical Composition
Chemical Composition
Element Value (%) Test Method Element Value (%) Test Method
Hf remaining Co 0.001
Fe 0.007 Al 0.002
Nb 0.005 Mo 0.001
Si 0.002 W 0.002
Zr 0.095 N 0.0017
O 0.03 H 0.002
C 0.0062 Other <0.05
  • Physical Property
Density (g/cm3)  Hall Flow Rate (s/50g)
Apparent Density Tap Density Test Standard Value Test Standard
6.71 7.98 GB/T 1479-1984
GB/T 5162-2006
7.5 GB/T 1482-2010


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