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Molybdenum-rhenium alloy powder 15-53μm


Product Features

Molybdenum-rhenium alloy powder is an alloy powder composed of molybdenum (Mo) and rhenium (Re) elements. It has a series of excellent physical and chemical properties and is therefore widely used in many fields. Order quantity (minimum order quantity): determined by both parties Payment method: determined by both parties Product Origin: China Shipping: determined by both parties Order delivery time: 1-7 days

Classification:Metal Powders

Keywords: tantalum powder, tungsten powder


Product details

Application areas:

Aerospace field: Due to its high melting point, excellent high-temperature strength and corrosion resistance, molybdenum-rhenium alloy powder is often used to manufacture aerospace engine parts, high-temperature turbine blades, guides, jet pipes, etc., and has important applications in the aerospace field value.

Medical devices: Molybdenum-rhenium alloy powder is also widely used in the field of medical devices, such as manufacturing high-quality medical devices, surgical knives, implantable medical devices, etc. Due to its biocompatibility and corrosion resistance, it can be used in the manufacture of medical devices.

Chemical industry: Due to its corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, molybdenum-rhenium alloy powder has important applications in chemical equipment manufacturing, such as manufacturing corrosion-resistant valves, pipes, pumps, etc., and has important application value in chemical production.

Electronic industry: Molybdenum-rhenium alloy powder can be used to manufacture electronic devices, semiconductor materials, etc., and has important applications in some special electronic equipment and circuits.

Material reinforcement: Molybdenum-rhenium alloy powder can be added to other matrix materials as reinforcing materials to improve their mechanical properties, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is often used to manufacture composite materials, cermet materials, etc.

Energy industry: Molybdenum-rhenium alloy powder can be used to manufacture high-temperature burners, nuclear reactor components, etc. to cope with high temperatures and corrosive environments under extreme conditions.

Magnetic materials: Molybdenum-rhenium alloy powder can be used to prepare soft magnetic materials, such as magnetic cores, transformers, etc., and has important applications in electronic appliances, communication equipment and other fields.


  • Molybdenum-rhenium alloy powder particle size distribution

     5-25μm,15-45μm,15-53μm,45-75μm,45-105μm, 75-150μm(Various granularities can be customized according to customer requirements)


  • Particle size distribution chart


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